"Mafalala Festival" Project

The name "Mafalala" comes, according to several testimonies, from a dance from Macua called M´falala, which was practiced in colonial times by people coming from the Island of Mozambique, this part of town. And when people wanted to refer to this site, Ronga which is the traditional language of Maputo said Ka Mafalala ((where they dance M'falala). However, with the passing of time, for corruption, it moved so the designation of the site by MAFALALA.

This district came the great figures of the country's art scene (Fany Mpfumo and José Craveirinha, both decorated with the title "Doctor Honoris Causa by EMU") that emerged for an international and greatly influenced the identity of Mozambique, through its art and cultural approach with which they carved and shaped our society.

However the potential of Mafalala not limited to this, because this neighborhood is the holder of one of the most representative, if not the largest, the country's cultural mosaic with strong Moorish influences resulting from the presence of the Muslim community from the islands of Mozambique, Zanzibar , Comoros and elsewhere. The Mafalala was at the genesis of the movement that sponsored the folklore and traditional rhythms originating the Mozambican Dance "Marrabenta" and today produces an artist of great feedback. Currently this neighborhood continues to be a real hotbed of artists, with some figures to reside there in prominent in the artistic context and having disappointed many young prospects.

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