Project Objectives

General Objectives

  • Recognizing the enormous artistic and cultural legacy of the neighborhood, in the cultural panorama of Maputo;
  • Enhancing the contribution of the neighborhood to the cultural development of the country;

Specific Objectives

  • Create a development platform for artists where they can advertise their talents and promote their arts, contributing to a cultural exchange between them, ordinary citizens and tourists;
  • Honor the artists that marked the cultural scene and became obligatory references in the neighborhood / country;
  • PPosition the Mafalala Neighborhood as a tourist destination with enviable historical-cultural segment, building on its historical and cultural diversity;
  • Ensure excellence and quality Mafalala Festival, to increase such initiatives in other areas of Maputo city and surroundings as well as throughout the country;
  • To promote investment attraction for Mafalala generating ventures that offer new jobs to the local community;
  • Promote the image of Mafalala and Maputo City.